Snow and Nightwish

So I am glad it waited ‘til November 1st to snow. Now there really can’t be a whole lot of complaining about it. I hate when people complain about snow and how cold it is when they live in the mountains, in Wyoming and its November. I wonder if they were thinking that for some reason it would change or perhaps be less cold. This just baffles me that they can’t accept the inevitable. I would think that they would worry that there wasn’t any snow. 

On a different note. One of my favorite bands is coming out with another album. Nightwish’s Imaginarium is long overdue, but not rushed. Meaning that they don’t make albums just to make them. This band is from Finland. They are a metal band with an girl singer. So its a mash up of opera and melodic metal music. Ya so it pretty much has EPIC written all over it. That is another thing I wish was different here in the US. We have music here that seems to be factory produced. There is an assembly line that quickly throws everything together. 

Rooting my Droid

So I have been a little lazy. It has been quite a while since I have posted and so I thought I would update with what I have accomplished. I am in fact in the process, no wait, I am officially finished with rooting my droid. I am pretty excited. For those of you who are not familiar with rooting, let me break it down for ya. Rooting gives the owner of the phone the ability to put anything on the phone with. This includes many services that cost money or are not available at all. A wifi hot spot for example. I can use my phone to connect a pc to the internet without paying Verizon another 20 or 30 bucks a month for this service. Now I just gotta figure out how to install everything. Hopefully its not too hard. I promise to be more consistent with my writing. I also picked up a new laptop and with a rooted phone hopefully I can have internet everywhere. 

Sorry No Video. Yet.

I know I promised a video of a gallon challenge and I have yet to ok it with the parties involved. I also have to do some minor audio editing to give it a PG rating.

Last time I also promised to tell a story. Well I probably made this a little anti-climatic. Here it goes.

     So I am in to film and have dabbled a bit in filming short ideas and commercials. This last semester I wanted to invest in a smaller camera than what I was using. I simply didn’t want to haul around the extra pounds.

This is what I couldn’t fit in my pocket, so I got a small jvc camcorder. I looked at walfart and various buisness, and decided that I would just buy it from a pawn shop. I knew the owner and she gave me a killer deal.

    So I took it to work and plugged it in to charge it. I filmed little pointless things and whatnot. I finally got a video I wanted to pull off of it and so I plugged it into my computer. I saw my videos and two other videos that I didn’t take. I was wondering how I missed them and they just didn’t show up on the library of the camera. (Format issue) So I played the first one. It wasn’t anything disgusting or perverse. Just strange. Really strange. This guy was filming himself singing, but then it wasn’t singing. It was like whispersinging. The same thing over and over again into a mic. The second video was the same guy, but he was playing the drums this time, but to the same exact song segment.

    I found this to be a little weird/funny and thought nothing of it until two weeks ago when I decided to look at some other videos I had taken recently and looked at the videos again. I noticed this time that the guy had a tattoo on his right hand. I knew I had seen that tattoo somewhere before and figured out that he had come swimming about 5 times that week. He looked different, but the tattoo was still there. I though about asking him if he was into music at all. You know, all casual like. I haven’t seen him since. Moral of the story? Don’t promise a video you haven’t edited yet.

Crazy Week and Weekend

Sorry World. I had quite a busy rest of the week and weekend. About two week ago I had my birthday. I was out of town and so I had some presents ordered online and shipped to me. I finally got it in the mail, but it was shipped to my parents address and so it took another week for it to be forwarded to my address in Green River. This was actually a good thing because I have a friend who is getting married and she wanted my address in Green River so she could send me an invite, but I didn’t know what it was until I got a package in the mail. I figured it was a win/win situation. Now you ask ‘what does this have to do with my weekend?’ Well in the package was a hard drive for my computer. I spent a good twelve hours downloading and installing all of my software for music, video editing, sound editing, and games. I am not kidding when I say 12 hours. So over the last couple of days I have been multitasking like crazy with my two jobs and trying to fix my computer and edit some quick clips for the page.

     This past weekend at the movie theater, one of my places of employment, I had the chance to witness someone attempt and fail the gallon challenge. For those of you who are not familiar with the gallon challenge, here’s how it works: 1st you must purchase a gallon of milk. (In this case it was whole milk) 2nd you have to have a witness to the time started and watch for one hour while you consume the milk. If you make it to step 3 you have to hold the milk down for an hour. Like I said it was an epic fail. I do have it on video, but I have to ok it with the kid involved and with others. Just and fyi you can’t hold down a gallon of milk for an hour. Well some people can, but others fail miserably.

      I also made a crazy discovery this past weekend. I’ll have to upload the video in order to better explain, but I think that will be on the next post.


So if it isn’t apparent by the title and description of my blog, I have designed my page according to the population (reader/followers) of my world. Hopefully it is as exciting as I think my life is. First off my name is Michael Archibald. I am a full-time student at Western Wyoming Community College. I am a sophmore majoring in Computer Science/Film. So I plan to graduate this spring with my AS and AA. I am interested in almost everything. I am constantly looking for new music. Anything from Dubstep/techno to hard rock/metal. I really can’t say I like country music. I just never got into it. I gave it an effort and tried to listen to it, but in the end I just couldn’t enjoy it. I am also a gamer. Now before I am judged for being unproductive and irresponsible, I would like to say that I also play the guitar and piano and I am fluent in French.

I am fairly new to blogging. I tried previously to blog as an alternative to Facebook. I found that even after deleting my account I went back to talk to some friend from over seas. This is a sad excuse, but it’s the only one I got. I have since moved on to Google+ if that makes a difference. So hopefully you will follow my blog and increase my population. If you like it invite friends, family, or create multiple accounts and follow me twice.